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It's time to reimagine and recreate stories that break stereotypes and create a more inclusive narrative for our children.

is a photo campaign that engages with the community to spark conversations in this direction. 


To participate in the campaign, describe in a line or two:

Let's talk tales and break stereotypes!

Does only being 
fair makes one look 
beautiful like 
And being dark 
makes one 
look evil? 

Hello! I am Kaya and I love 
climbing trees!


While I play with trains and engines, my dream is to

build the fastest train when
I grow up!

My name is Kabir and 
I love playing


I also make 
lovely hopscotch 

My princess not

only rides a

skateboard but 
makes her own 

Fairy tales you would love for us to re-write
Stereotypes you feel our stories should break
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